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Forgot your iPhone passcode? Can not unlock iPhone? Learn how to put your iPhone into recovery mode to erase its data and set it up again. This article helps you to learn how to unlock iPhone passcode without computer.

Thanks to Siri, the Find My function, and the Erase iPhone option, you can unlock iPhone passcode without a computer.

Using Lock Away, iPhone Pass, or iTunes Recovery Mode, you can unlock the iPhone passcode.

You don’t require any technological expertise.

If you follow the step-by-step instructions below, the procedure is fairly easy.

How do you unlock an iPhone if you forgot the passcode?

Forgetting your passcode or not being able to unlock your iPhone are two of the most frequent reasons you might need to access your iPhone. Additionally, in some uncommon circumstances, a broken iPhone, a cracked screen, or a disabled Home button may prevent you from entering your iPhone passcode.

Typically, if you input the wrong iPhone passcode on your iPhone Lock Screen too many times, you may encounter an iPhone Disabled screen. So, how to unlock iPhone passcode without computer?

Other reasons why you wish to know how to unlock iPhone passcode without computer

You need to find a solution how to unlock iPhone.

Passcode without computer if you’ve forgotten your passcode and can no longer recall it.

  1. Face ID not working: Face ID-based iPhone unlocking may occasionally not function as intended, and you cannot unlock iPhone passcode.
  2. Cracked iPhone screen: Since iPhone screens are comprised of glass, cracking one might result in dangerous shards and jagged edges, as well as the potential inability to unlock iPhone passcode to activate the device.
  3. Second-hand iPhones: If you have a second-hand or used iPhone that was given to you by family or friends, you might need to look for a non-computer method to unlock iPhone passcode.

How to unlock iPhone passcode without computer

Despite the reasons described above, you need to unlock iPhone passcode without computer. How do you unlock iPhone? Can you unlock an iPhone without a computer?

If you’ve forgotten the iPhone passcode, Apple advises using iTunes to unlock iPhone without computer. But a Windows or Mac computer is needed to unlock your iPhone’s passcode. How to unlock iPhone passcode without computer?

Erasing the iPhone passcode in Find My iPhone on iCloud.com is a clever hack to unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer. Here are the procedures for unlocking an iPhone without a computer.

A simple algorithm of how to unlock iPhone passcode without computer using “Find my iPhone”:

Step 1: Go to iCloud.com and log in to your iCloud account using your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or other mobile devices that can access websites.

Step 2: Click All Devices under Find My iPhone on iCloud.com, then choose the device you wish to open without a passcode.

Step 3: To erase and unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer, click Erase iPhone and then enter your Apple ID password.

Using the “Erase iPhone” option or how to unlock iPhone passcode without computer

If you’ve forgotten your iPhone passcode for your iPhone, this is the simplest method to unlock it. Apple added an “Erase iPhone” option to the Security Lockout window as of the iOS 15.2 release.

The seventh time you enter an incorrect unlocking code results in the appearance of this window. Apple now makes it possible to reset a locked iPhone without a computer using the new “Erase iPhone” option. All you need is your Apple ID and password.

You must fulfill the following requirements in order to unlock your iPhone using the “Erase iPhone” option from the Security Lockout screen: Erase iPhone.

You must have Wi-Fi or cellular data enabled on your locked iPhone in order to access the internet.

You should know your Apple ID and password.

Before you forget your passcode, you should be logged in with your Apple ID.

Otherwise, the “Erase iPhone” option won’t be visible.


Make a minimum of seven incorrect password entries. The “iPhone Unavailable/Security Lockout, try again in 15 minutes” interface and the “Erase iPhone” option will appear at this point.

Click on “Erase.”

Erase All Content & Settings are displayed on the screen. Once more, tap the “Erase iPhone” button underneath.

To sign out and delete your iPhone, you must now enter your Apple ID password.

A white progress bar and the Apple icon appear at the beginning of the factory reset.

Once the iPhone has been completely erased, it will restart itself.

This new iPhone feature is a little unpredictable. The screen may occasionally display Unavailable with the options Emergency and Erase when you have used all of your attempts.

It occasionally displays Security Lockout along with Emergency and Erase options. In worst-case scenarios, it just displays Unavailable with no other options. Continue on to the next approach if it still doesn’t work.

Use Siri or how to unlock iPhone passcode without computer

On Apple devices, there is a voice assistant called Siri. Google has Google Assistant, and the iPhone has Siri, just like Alexa. Your iPhone passcode can be unlocked by speaking to Siri. Voice commands allow consumers to operate the iPhone hands-free.

Siri unlocking an iPhone: how? A few flaws in Siri’s operation can be used to unlock an iPhone. Therefore, it functions on a few iOS versions.


Only compatible with iPhones running iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1

Siri should be activated on the locked iPhone, which can be done by connecting the device to the internet.


  1. Start by turning on Siri. Say “Hey Siri” while holding down the home button on your locked iPhone to activate her.
  2. The trick question you must now ask Siri is, “Siri, what time is it?” or “Siri, what time is it in Canada?” The World Clock widget on your iPhone’s home screen will now be accessible to Siri.
  3. Utilize this widget now by tapping the icon for the world clock. To add the clock feature to the display, tap on the + icon in the top right corner.
  4. You will have the choice to share the new clock feature when a new clock is added.
  5. Select the Message option after clicking the share button. You are not required to send a message. Just enter anything arbitrary in the “To” field.
  6. Now, tap the new or + icon to include Siri when creating a new contact. Siri will launch the New Contact interface where you can enter information like a first name, photo, and more.
  7. Using this, you can add a picture from your photo library. The photo library will open for you when you tap “Add Photo.” Click Choose Photo. During this step, Siri will unlock the iPhone and give you the option to select a photo.
  8. Once the photo library is displayed, use the home or back buttons to navigate back to the unlock screen and find the Settings icon.
  9. You can now update your credentials after opening your settings. Making a Face ID to unlock your device might work in place of a passcode to accomplish this.

These issues won’t enable you to deceive Siri into unlocking your iPhone because they are purportedly fixed in later versions of the iPhone.

How to unlock iPhone passcode without computer via iCloud

You can delete the iPhone using iCloud if you don’t have any other iOS devices nearby. And the procedure is very comparable to the earlier technique.

Purchase any smartphone, even if it isn’t an iPhone or iOS device, for this. An Android smartphone can be used for this. Go to https://icloud.com/find and search. A page for signing in to iCloud will be displayed to you. Sign in by using your Apple ID and password.

A connected device to your iCloud account is represented by each dot. To find the locked iDevice, click on each.

Then click Erase button. Your iPhone will be entirely erased with this method, including the screen lock.

As was already indicated, using this method will sadly delete all of your material and data. Start taking that thing seriously if you aren’t already.

How to unlock iPhone passcode without computer but with other tools

This section is primarily written for users who have access to a computer but are unable to unlock the passcode on their iPhone using iTunes or Finder. This could be because the computer is having trouble recognizing the iPhone, you can’t access recovery mode through the Apple route, or something else.

Whatever the cause, don’t worry; there are workable alternatives that are more adaptable and simple to implement. iPhone Unlocker can help with it.

It is a password-unlocking tool that works well and has a sleek UI. You can rapidly reset your iPhone on a computer without starting iTunes by using it. Whether you’ve forgotten your password, accidentally disabled your iPhone, or are stuck on the iCloud activation lock screen, iPhone Unlocker can help.

The procedures listed here imply that you at the very least have a PC or Mac that is easily accessible. Let’s start by entering the passcode to unlock your iPhone on a computer.


Your iPhone will be restored to its original state during the procedure, much like with Find My iPhone or the Find My app. If you have a backup, you can restore it.

1. Open the program on your computer and plug the cable-locked iPhone into it.

To continue, choose “Wipe Passcode” from the interface.

Review the information about your device, including the “Start” button, category, type, model number, and iOS version.

The application starts downloading the iOS firmware for your iPhone; however, because the firmware package is somewhat large, you might need to wait.

When the download is complete, a new window will appear asking you to read the possible risks associated with removing the screen passcode. To continue, enter the necessary code in the field.

Allow the application to run on your computer by clicking “Start.” You will unlock iPhone passcode without computer easily, and everything on your iOS device will be deleted until the factory settings are restored.

To sum up

Simply choose the best strategy for your particular situation and follow the instructions to unlock iPhone passcode without computer. If you are unsure of which approach will be most effective for you to unlock iPhone passcode, I advise using Mobitrix LockAway because it has a success rate of 99% and is simple enough for those without technical knowledge to use.

Now that you’ve successfully removed the iPhone passcode without computer, do the same from the computer and get it ready for configuration. When prompted, make sure to input the iCloud account password to activate the iOS device. Tell your friends how to unlock iPhone passcode without computer – share the article!

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